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Who we are


Total Fencing Solutions Ltd at work

Originally Finn went into business offering fencing services and trading as Dingo Fencing H.B in 2002. Before that he worked in the fencing industry for about 10 years and has also worked in the forestry, horticultural and agricultural sectors.

As our own business grew and we acquired our first tractor and post driver we dropped the 'Dingo' from our business name and became a company - hence the name Total Fencing Solutions Ltd. The new name reflects the broader range of fencing, post driving and hole boring services that we are now able to offer our clients.

Services we offer

Total Fencing Solutions Ltd at work

Total Fencing Solutions Ltd offers a broad range of fencing, post driving and hole boring services. Our services include all types of farm fencing (deer, electric, conventional, post and rail), orchard and vineyard developments, post replacement, security fencing, residential and lifestyle block fencing. We are able to lay water pipes by trenching or mole plough.

At Total Fencing Solutions Ltd. we design and build stock yards, wooden gates, retaining walls and horse arenas.

We also offer a variety of dingo mini-digger services such as trenching, landscaping, and section clearing. We offer tree planting and pruning services.

Total Fencing Solutions Ltd offers a free measure and quote service. And perhaps most importantly of all, we offer our unique guarantee. If for whatever reason you find that our work is not carried out to your total satisfaction you only need to call Finn directly and arrange for it to be corrected.

Equipment and Machinery

Total Fencing Solutions Ltd at work

A dingo

For smaller hole boring, digging, trenching and clearing small sites. This is particularly suitable for residential fencing and some lifestyle block developments.

Tractor and Fence Pro Side Shift Post Driver

For post driving and hole boring. This is used for conventional post ramming.

Tractor and a Revolution 180 Post Driver

For post driving, hole boring and post replacement. The Revolution Post Driver is used to access more difficult sites such as retaining walls, steep hill country and the ability to ram from both sides of the tractor. This is particularly useful when replacing posts in a vineyard.

Total Fencing Solutions Ltd at work

Modern and well maintained

Both of our tractors and post drivers are modern, well maintained pieces of machinery. This reduces down time and ensures an efficient service.

Total Fencing Solutions Ltd also has a comprehensive range of hand tools, chainsaws and hand-held borers.

Quality staff

Our best resource is our experienced and committed employees who take pride in quality workmanship.