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What we do

Farm Fencing

Total Fencing Solutions Ltd offers a broad range of farm fencing services. When you need farm fencing contact us for a free quote and advice about which type of fence will provide the best investment for your property.

We can do as much or as little of the job as you want. For example we can complete the entire job and supply the materials as well as offering a labour only service. We can work on a contract or per hourly rate.

Here are some examples of the type of farm fencing that we offer:

  • Conventional 8 wire battoned fence
  • Netting fences (includes sheep and deer)
  • Electric fencing (includes 5 wire electric or 1 live wire on a 9 wire fence, techno fencing etc)
  • Post and rail fencing

Stock Yards

We are experienced in designing and building many types of stock yards - from large station yards to smaller lifestyle sized yards.

Equine Fencing

Our equine fencing services include building horse arenas and horse yards. We have built fences specifically designed for horses. For example we have built an 8 wire conventional fence with longer posts that allows an electric wire to run above baton height to gives you a higher fence and stops the horses pushing against it without the need for an electric outrigger.

Lifestyle Block Services

We offer lifestyle block fencing - conventional, netting, electric, post and rail etc. We also have a lifestyle development service which includes establishing fences, troughs and water systems, stock yards, tree planting, tree pruning etc. on new and existing sites.

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Orchard & Vineyard development

Total Fencing Solutions Ltd is experienced in a number of orchard and vineyard development tasks - from marking out blocks to post driving, end assemblies, tie backs and wiring.

Our Revolution 180 has the advantage of being able to ram a 4.8 metre post and we offer a post replacement service in vineyards. Our Revolution 180 can ram posts on both sides of a row. Our tractor will fit down a 2.4 metre row.

We also install artificial shelter belts. Artificial shelter belts are becoming popular in organic orchards to help combat spray drift.

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Residential fencing

Total Fencing Solutions Ltd is experienced in building a wide range of residential fences, pool fences, decks, pergolas, retaining walls etc.

Residential fences include post rail and paling in varying sizes and designs with or without capping or trellis inserts, Coloursteel and galvanized steel fences on a wooden frame.

We make and install wooden gates. We can supply and install steel gates at competitive prices.

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Retaining walls

Total Fencing Solutions Ltd offers a full design and build service for a variety of wooden retaining walls. Retaining walls are suitable for stabilizing banks and sloping sites. They can also be used to widen sloping sections to create a better space for building and to accentuate views.

Retaining walls under 1.2 metres high do not need engineering consent but anything over this we can arrange an engineering report and other consents. Posts can be bored and concreted or driven in with a post driver. We are also experienced in installing drainage behind retaining walls and back filling.

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Other services

Mini digger

We offer a variety of mini digger services such as trenching, hole boring, digging, landscaping and section clearing. A dingo is particularly useful in small spaces and can access sites that other machinery cannot get to.

Gate making services

Total Fencing Solutions Ltd can design, build and install different types of wooden gates from the basic farm style to more decorative gates for residential properties.

In conjunction with a local engineering firm we can offer a steel gate making service at a competitive price. This service is especially useful for stock and horse yard gates and clients wanting custom made gates.

Trenching and Mole Ploughing

Trenching is particularly useful for running services to sites, running underground cable for electric fencing and laying water pipes. We also offer a mole ploughing service for laying water pipes up to 50mm in diameter.

Security Fencing

We can supply and install security fencing in either a chain link and steel post or wooden post and netting with added electrics and/or barbed wire.

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